She Believes

It would break my dear mother's heart if I were to tell her that there was no Santa Clause.

Every Christmas Eve, my brother and I would put out milk and, carrots and cookies for "Santa and his reindeer". On Christmas morning, we would come down to open presents only to find that- *gasp* - there were bite marks in the cookies! The carrots had been nibbled, and the milk was drained! It must be Santa, he must have come to our house.

I humored my mom until I was 18, when she even made reindeer tracks in the snow outside. By then, I thought it was perfectly reasonable to not believe in Santa and that I could say it aloud.

That did not go well.

So now I'm 21 years old, and when my mother tells me that Santa is coming, I smile and give her a look.

"Really Ma? Is he really?"

"Oh yes, remember last year when we saw the deer tracks on the ground!?!"

"Yeah, I remember..."

"Like this post if" posts on Facebook

Why are people so fond of clicking the word, "like" as an affirmation?

You know what you believe in and what you like. That's cool, that's good. "If you don't stand for something, you might fall for anything". But it gets silly.

"Like this page if you love your mom!" (if not, you might be heartless)
"Like this page if you love puppies!" (if not, you are heartless)
"Like this page if you hate Justin Beiber" (really? Affirming hate now are we?)
"Like this page if you love Jesus!" (I think Jesus might be okay with me NOT doing that, thank you)
"Like... like... like... like..."

Click Like If You

The Guy I'm Into

Well because this is a safe place to spill my guts, here it is.

So I like this guy, and he likes me. Both of us have acknowledged this. We have been talking for months, getting to know each other well. We hang out every so often, and talk over the phone sometimes, on the internet sparingly.

I don't mind talking on the phone with him. I HATE talking on the phone normally. And I didn't really text that fast before I met him. The phone, texting, online- however we communicate it is nice to stay in touch with him.

But I would still like him here, to be with, talk with, poke and look at. I like being around him.

It may be too early in our knowing-each-other to express all of this to him (I can't tell- I don't know how the process of dating works anymore!), and I don't want to scare him off. I am told that men can be like a deer- easily frightened, quick to flee when things become too much to handle.

nothing 2

I'll write my feelings about this thing here. I don't know what to call what I'm feeling yet, just that it is okay to feel it, okay to enjoy time with him, and I gotta take it easy and remember to tread slowly.

Oh, and this is him.